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Here's Another Life Principle Discussed By Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins



Is One We Choose To Enter


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The New Reality, or spiritual world, is one that we “choose” to enter and then grow and mature in.  There are certain requirements in the spiritual world just as in the physical. 

Our purpose becomes to live in a special way by allowing Jesus Christ to live his life through ours. Thomas Q. Robbins uses the scripture that gives us the guidelines as to how this occur in our daily lives if we choose to allow it to happen.  

It's a new law… a new way of living… a heavy and powerful responsibility given to those who choose to live in the New Reality.  “Blessed are you -- for your’s is the Kingdom of Heaven.”   (Matt. 5:1-9) 

Have you ever thought of that before – the fact that the Kingdom of God and your participation in it -- is a New Reality?   It’s quite possible you have never thought of your relationship with God as a “New Reality.”  You decision to become part of God’s Kingdom was so long ago, “New” is not a relevant term for you since you have known Him personally for all these years.  What is important for us to understand and live by is the fact that our relationship with God through his Son Jesus Christ puts us into a relationship with God that is as real as the air we breath and the breakfast we eat.

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Something To Consider

God used cosmic events and entered into historical events in the early years of his revelation to mankind but that general revelation was incomplete.   Not until He came to earth as a little baby, in a humble setting, did God complete what he intended.  He revealed his will for the salvation of the world through his son.   Jesus was both flesh and God.  He entered into the history of mankind and was seen and heard as "one of us."  He came to earth, not to condemn the world but that the world through His plan and person could be reconciled and have a personal relationship with him. (1 John 3:16)   -Thomas Q.