palm-sunday.jpg PALM  SUNDAY


Luke 19:29-44

Bible Study for Week of April 14, 2019

Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins, Teacher



           Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins has been taking us through Scripture leading up to Passion Week and dealing with events as they happened.  In the previous two weeks we have studied the raising of Lazarus from the dead and the amazing story of Mary anointing Jesus feet with expensive perfume. 

           In each study we were required to face the issue of dying to self and identifying with Christ’s death so we might know his Resurrection.  With the start of Passion Week, Thomas Q. leads a study on the triumphal entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem for the last time. 

          Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey is recorded in all four Gospels but Thomas Q. is using the19th chapter of Luke, verses 29-44.  The church refers to this as Palm Sunday and is the first event in the most important week in history – Passion Week. 

           Here’s a premises we would like you to keep in mind as you hear this message:  “BECAUSE GOD NEEDS…YOU!” the title of the lesson.  Look for what Thomas Q. suggests is it the Lord needs from all us – His Church.  It’s a reality that the world operates through power, might and intimidation.  How are we to operate and what is the authenticate gifts God has given us through His Son, Jesus Christ.   Dr. Robbins will develop two responses: When the disciples were asked,

“Why do you need the colt?”

And when authorities commanded the disciples, “Tell them to shut up!”  

            What does Palm Sunday mean to you?  You are exposed to thinking about this event every year and have heard many sermons and teachings about it.  We all have a need to refresh our mindset about the event and understand the motive of the people shouting “Hosanna!” Hopefully we might all be able to gain a new thought or perspective for what this passage of scripture means to us in 2019.

It’s interesting that many churches that celebrate Palm Sunday with palm fronds save those same fronds to burn the following year to use for Ash Wednesday. 

This lesson is focused on helping you understand that God needs you renew your sense of purpose, obedience and commitment?  We are to love one another as Jesus loves the church and we are to make disciples. 

We are not to “shut-up” But speak boldly but with love in a world that uses power and might to intimidate.  If the Church is not to speak the truth of the Gospel, who will?
Thomas Q. Robbins will develop these points in his lesson: 

1. The Incarnation – God entered into a limiting human body so mankind could see God.  
2. We have his teachings. 
3. He gave us the experiences of His passion this week that resulted in His death.  He took my sin to the Cross.  If it were not for this. we would still be enemies of God. 
4. Christ's Resurrection gives victory over spiritual death.  

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Something To Consider

The greatest witness the Church of Jesus Christ should have in its culture would be in arena of morality and spirituality.  We are living in a society where there is so much ambivalence and confusion. It’s truly a morass of sexual and economic confusion, spiritual and religious perplexity and political and social bewilderment.   The Church has been given a vast team of believers to share their faith and tell of what Jesus Christ has done for them.  How are you fitting into God’s plan for the Church to witness to its culture?  -Thomas Q.