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 Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins, Teacher

Leaving Is Hard To Do... But Worth It!

It’s so hard to personally have things change in our lives or “leave”…. isn’t it?  

The process of leaving is particularly painful and one of the most difficult things we have to do in life.  And when we’re challenged to leave or change something that has captured us and put us into the bondage of a negative habit or addiction, “leaving” becomes so difficult that it seems impossible.  It’s good that life is a series of welcomings and leavings as that gives us a balance but it’s the leavings that are so difficult for us to implement and are so painful.

In this Bible study we study Matthew’s account of Jesus’ “calling out” his first four disciples.  Our subject – Repentance! 

To follow Jesus Christ, the disciples had to “leave” all that was familiar and comfortable for them.  And they, like us, had the same fear we have when leaving something – either good or bad.  Dr. Robbins introduces this lesson by reading Matthew 4, verses 12-23, and reminds us what it means to “follow Jesus Christ in daily life with the message, “Leaving Is Hard To Do, But Worth It!”

Leaving something for the sake of Jesus Christ doesn’t make it any less painful or anxiety provoking, but that’s what it means to “follow Jesus Christ.”  As one moves into the future having made the ‘change or leaving’ that was necessary, that person believes that it’s worth the change or the leaving that was made – or it would not have been made.  One has to know that the pain of the change is worth it all when compared to the joy, peace, hope, mercy, love, meaningfulness, forgiveness, compassion and eternal life that is received from Jesus Christ.

If you don’t believe that what you have in Jesus Christ will be far better than what you have now….you will never leave or change.  The goal is the price of the trip!  In Jesus Christ there is the sure victory over the tyranny and bondage that have been following and haunting you. 


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Something To Consider

We’ve all had our share of failing to accomplish something that we set out to do.  But, failing in this way isn’t the same thing as failure!   Failure occurs when we give up and no longer think that we can succeed.  So remember, success comes in “cans”  --  failure comes in “can’ts!"  The truth is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13)    -Thomas Q.