A MODEL FOR PRAYER  Pt. 2   "The Discipline of Prayer"

 PRINCIPLE: "Here is a way to develop a daily time when you open your very being to God and sense the movement of His Spirit.   

 STUDY ~ MARCH 8-14, 2020

Is there a structure of some kind necessary for effective prayer?  Is there some kind of pattern it would be good for me to follow?  Are there different types of Prayer?  Thomas Q, has some answers for you by sharing with you the Model of Prayer he follows in his quiet times and moments of family and public prayer.  This is the second of four lessons scheduled on the subject, A Model of Prayer.  

He begins today's lesson by continuing his discussion on the "Types of Prayer":  1. Praise and Thanksgiving, 2. Confession, 3. Intercesson, 4. Petition, and 5. God's Will For Your Life.  

In the last lesson he discussed the first types.  In this lesson he finishes his thoughts on Confession and then moves on to the last three types of prayer.  One or more ot these five types will be found in all prayers.  What, exactly to they involve?









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Something To Consider

God used cosmic events and entered into historical events in the early years of his revelation to mankind but that general revelation was incomplete.   Not until He came to earth as a little baby, in a humble setting, did God complete what he intended.  He revealed his will for the salvation of the world through his son.   Jesus was both flesh and God.  He entered into the history of mankind and was seen and heard as "one of us."  He came to earth, not to condemn the world but that the world through His plan and person could be reconciled and have a personal relationship with him. (1 John 3:16)   -Thomas Q.