Revelation 5:11-14

Teacher ~ Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins

          What are your eyes focused on today?  What are you thinking about right now?  There is so much in our lives that demands our attention as well as distracts us by our peripheral vision.  

           Are we focused on what is important in life - your family and their relationship with Jesus Christ and serving God.    Or are your eyes glazed over with worry about the economic condition of your family or a new issue with the children -- perhaps, even your aging parents?   There is so much to attract our attention -- not only problems but pleasures too.   And those “to-do” lists that never stop growing certainly make their demands on us.   The don’t stop with the focus or our eyes but take valuable space in our minds,  hearts and  souls! 

          In such difficult and overwhelming days as these are -- we must stop everything far more than we do and take time to refocus and renew our awareness of the reality of presence of the resurrected, living Christ in our life.  Only then can we discover and live out the very meaning of our “existence” -- the reason we are here on earth facing all that life sends our way.

           Acknowledging Jesus Christ in your life on a continuing basis and not saving it just for Sundays is not a nice-sounding platitude or “pie-in-the-sky hope.   It’s a real and doable part of a life.   We must not only know that Christ lives in us and we live in Christ but understand what that means for us.  Only when we able to reach that understanding can we we have “peace in the midst of the storm.... er storms” and that contentment Paul wrote about -- contentment however we find ourselves. 

          The celebration of Resurrection Day last month, satisfied the need in all our lives to be reminded of that resurrection and the other essential truths that revolve around it.   The Resurrection is so vital to a Believer’s faith that it’s appropriate to talk about it in October  so we will be reminded and motivated to spend more time on the subject to more fully understand what it means…we might even say it’s our responsibility to become” fully aware, acutely aware --  to be aware and sensitive to the reality of presence of the resurrected and the living Christ in our life is to grasp the very meaning of existence.”  

           This  message,  "LIVING LIFE IN THE AWARENESS OF HIS RESURRECTION" promises to help increase this awareness for anyone seeking such an understanding.   We trust that includes you!

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Something To Consider

God used cosmic events and entered into historical events in the early years of his revelation to mankind but that general revelation was incomplete.   Not until He came to earth as a little baby, in a humble setting, did God complete what he intended.  He revealed his will for the salvation of the world through his son.   Jesus was both flesh and God.  He entered into the history of mankind and was seen and heard as "one of us."  He came to earth, not to condemn the world but that the world through His plan and person could be reconciled and have a personal relationship with him. (1 John 3:16)   -Thomas Q.