extreme makeover BIBLE STUDY ~ Rev. 21 :1-7   

        MAY 24-30, 2014Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins ~ Teacher   





           You remember watching  “Extreme Makeover” occasionally on television, haven’t you?   By the way, whatever happened to that program?

          Whether the extreme makeover is physical, involves clothing, rebuiling a house, a classic car or a semi tractor cab, the result always is the same – the renovation gives new life.         

          All too often the accurate description of a Christian…a believer, is one who is exactly opposite from what one would expect --- stale and old, no vitality, sadness, depression and emptyness.  When that happens in life – as it surely does in a slow and quiet way -- it’s the time for an extreme makeover into newness, vitality and a sense of joy and peace.  

          Such an extreme spiritual makeover can only be done through One Source….God’s astounding love for us in Jesus Christ.  We can’t do it ourselves, no matter what kind of repair kit or resources we might have in our control. 

          A spiritual makeover can only come from above.  How do we start the process?  What do we do to experience an extreme spiritual makeover?   That’s what this Bible study deals with in a message themed on the subject of the resurrection titled, “In Need of an Extreme Makeover?” 

         This lesson will be a good way to confirm in your heart that any needed extreme makeover is available in only one place.  You can stop looking in “all the other places -- it's only found by surrendering to the Lord.”  We've been educated to be self reliant, able, strong, assertive and skilled – and all these traits are wonderful and needed in daily life but easily lead to bondage and unhappiness when it comes to our spiritual life. 

          For spiritual renewal to be experienced, our self-worth traits must be shelved because there must be that time of personal surrender and submission to Creator God -- and a commitment to personal obedience.  The old hymn sums it up beautifully, “Trust and Obey.”   As Thomas Q. tells us in this Bible study, “What God offers us as a gift is a new meaning in our life…which has NOTHING to do with the circumstances we face in life.”

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Something To Consider

God used cosmic events and entered into historical events in the early years of his revelation to mankind but that general revelation was incomplete.   Not until He came to earth as a little baby, in a humble setting, did God complete what he intended.  He revealed his will for the salvation of the world through his son.   Jesus was both flesh and God.  He entered into the history of mankind and was seen and heard as "one of us."  He came to earth, not to condemn the world but that the world through His plan and person could be reconciled and have a personal relationship with him. (1 John 3:16)   -Thomas Q.