As has been mentiuoned elsewhere, Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins has a heart for reaching people with the Gospel and is motivated to use many methods, including radio and this Web site to spread God’s Word.  

The goal of the Come & See radio and Internet is to bring people to saving faith, not through guilt or fear, but through an understanding, and a deep sense of gratitude what God has provided for us in Jesus Christ.  When an individual has such an appreciation for God’s love,  it will result in faith, trust, and obedience to Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit will transform that person into the very image of the Son.  This experience brings joy, peace, hope and meaning to life, and gives eternal significance to every breath that we breathe in Christ.  It is God’s will for every sinner to be forgiven and reconciled to Himself in order to have the benefit of eternal fellowship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, now and forever.


Come and See Ministries is a Bible-based. Wesleyan ministry founded for two purposes:


1.  To introduce honest "seekers" to Jesus Christ and help them understand who He is and understand His claims.

2.  Assist believers in understanding the principles of God’s Word and give practical suggestions as to how to apply them to their lives and everyday living.


It is Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins heartfelt desire to minister in the name of Jesus Christ and invite all to "Come and See" and exerience the transforming power of the Savior, Jesus Christ, his forgiveness, redeeming power and acceptance of you -- just as you are.

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Something To Consider

God used cosmic events and entered into historical events in the early years of his revelation to mankind but that general revelation was incomplete.   Not until He came to earth as a little baby, in a humble setting, did God complete what he intended.  He revealed his will for the salvation of the world through his son.   Jesus was both flesh and God.  He entered into the history of mankind and was seen and heard as "one of us."  He came to earth, not to condemn the world but that the world through His plan and person could be reconciled and have a personal relationship with him. (1 John 3:16)   -Thomas Q.