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"THE LIVING WORD  OF GOD"  I Thes. 2:1-13

Study for July 7-11, 2020

 PRINCIPLEThe Holy Spirit has inspired Scripture, protected it, and interprets it for every reader.                                                      
          In this message, our teacher Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins, gives us assuring words of authority regarding the living Word of God.   It’s not only affirming for Thomas Q. to review the role of the Holy Spirit in the writing, protection through the ages and the interpretion of Scripture, but also indicting all of us who are all guilty of not using the Bible as we should in our daily life.  

          What are you doing with the Word of God?  Today’s message is sure to help us all improve our attitude toward God’s Word and ways we can have it included in our daily life. 

          Today is the fifth lesson in an extended series in the New Testament book of First Thessalonians.   We are considering the third verse in the second chapter of First Thessalonians.

          Scripture IS the inspired Word of God.  The Holy Spirit has inspired it, protected it, and interprets is for every reader.  There is such a need these days for a much needed message,  “The Living Word of God.”    Dr. Robbins presents all of his teaching  messages from a Wesleyan point of view.  Thomas Q. will bring a smile to your heart and mind as he so intensely illustrats how we must allow God’s Word to be a part of our daily life so that we are totally encircled and immersed it.  As a Texan, he a uses a perfect description from the world of barbeque. 

          Oh, how we’ve all been exposed to how our culrure now denies “Absolutes”.  That has become the perfect tool for the to deny the truth of the Bible, divnity of Jesus Christ, miracles and all that engenders Christianty other that the  concept of Love and caring for others that it teaches.  This has been the final nail for Secular Humanism to discredit Christianity and remove its influence from our culture.  Interesting that those who have the position that “There are no absolutes!” make an absolute statement and ignore -- distroying their argument but no bothers to think about it.  Dr. Robbins said it so beautifully, “God IS an absolute with no hidden qualifications!  And He has chosen to reveal himself to us through His Living Word.”      
    We trust that you will be able to pray the prayer with Thomas Q.? 

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Something To Consider

The greatest witness the Church of Jesus Christ should have in its culture would be in arena of morality and spirituality.  We are living in a society where there is so much ambivalence and confusion. It’s truly a morass of sexual and economic confusion, spiritual and religious perplexity and political and social bewilderment.   The Church has been given a vast team of believers to share their faith and tell of what Jesus Christ has done for them.  How are you fitting into God’s plan for the Church to witness to its culture?  -Thomas Q.