Because He Loved Us So Much!   John 1:1-18   December 27 to January 2, 2020

Speaker ~ Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins

biblle_sunrise.jpgThe Christmas Story according to the Gospel of John does not involve the image of the Nativity but it explains spiritually, from a cosmic viewpointwhat transpired at Christmas.  John also explains clearly how this monumental event – the Incarnation – has impacted mankind ever since. 

     God coming to earth in the form of a human baby and what followed “IS” the New Covenant which the prophet Jeremiah preached and wrote about in the Old Testament so many centuries ago.  Jeremiah preached that what was written on stone – the law – was to be written on the heart – grace. 

      Jesus came to fulfill that law by paying the price for mankind’s sin nature.  God came to earth to seek and save those would have otherwise died a spiritual death as well as a physical death.  The full revelation of God came in the person of Jesus Christ.  John tells us that Jesus is fully God and fully man.  Because of the Christmas event – the incarnation – God, through Jesus took our place and paid the price for sin on the Cross. 

      That act closed the gulf that existed between God and man and set up the conditions which, by choice, we can live in a grace relationship with God and have His life – a life that is not terminated by physical death.

      In this message “BECAUSE HE LOVED US SO MUCH….” Dr. Robbins’s desire is that his message will help each listener understand more clearly the implications of Christmas and what is called the Incarnation.  When God’s coming to earth is the ultimate revelation. 

      God took on the form of a human so He could walk and talk with us, explain His plan for our life and experience the Cross.  His life showed mankind the way and what was required for redemption.  Here’s Thomas Q. Robbins reading the Christmas story from the first chapter of John beginning with verse one.  It’s the “non-nativity” Christmas Story titled,   “BECAUSE HE LOVED US SO MUCH….”  

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Something To Consider

Scripture makes an incredible assertion: "God lives in those who confess that Jesus is the Son of God and those who confess him live in God."  You mean to tell me that "confessing that one believes that God lives in us and we live in God" is all it takes?   That doesn't make sense!  It just doesn't compute in my 21st Century world!  Do you know why you think that?   It’s impossible to accept this beautiful truth if you only use logic or reason.  Such truth can only can be accepted and believed -- made real -- through simple faith.   (I John 4:16)   -Thomas Q