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Dr. Thomas Q. Thomas ~ Teacher


          John, chapter 20:11-18 is the familiar but marvelous Resurrection passage that tells of story of Mary meeting Jesus at the open tomb.  In his development of this passage Thomas Q. places his focus on the dialogue between Jesus and Mary as they stand at the outside entrance to the open tomb. 

          What Jesus says to Mary is so important and applicable to the Church of Jesus Christ and each one of us in 2021 as it was to Mary and the disciples then.  The setting of this passage is beautiful.  The two disciples who went to the tomb with Mary run back to the city after finding the tomb empty. 

           Mary remains at the tomb weeping and undoubtedly trying to process what was happening.  Mary turns and sees a man she mistakes for the gardener. 

           The man, who was Jesus, asks two seemingly simplistic questions that really seemed rhetorical at first hearing but have a far deeper meaning.  "Why are you weeping?" .  .  .  and  "Who are you looking for?  These simple questions are far, far deeper than they appear. 

           Dr. Robbins' study explores the far deeper meaning to these questions so that we can understand their implication for us -- and to thIs troubled world in 2021.  Jesus poses these questions to us today.  Why are you weeping?  Oh, yes you are -- in spite of what most might say.  That's OK because along with reviews these questions Thomas Q. provides some answers that may be meaningful to you. 

          Thomas Q. titled this lesson, "I NEED SOME ANSWERS!"  Our scripture again is John 20:11-18.   Let's see if the Holy Spirit teaches us some new understanding in the truth that Jesus is the answer as Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins clearly shows us.

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Something To Consider

We’ve all had our share of failing to accomplish something that we set out to do.  But, failing in this way isn’t the same thing as failure!   Failure occurs when we give up and no longer think that we can succeed.  So remember, success comes in “cans”  --  failure comes in “can’ts!"  The truth is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13)    -Thomas Q.